Running into Autumn

Calling all RUNNERS … this is the time of year when you need to bring your lights and high viz to Running Club on Thursday evenings!


If you’re not sure where to start and although the concept of high visibility running clothing may be blindingly obvious … here are a few pointers … and a voucher …

Athlete Voucher_

  1. It’s the combination of light/fluorescent colour and reflectivity that increases visibility so you need to think of BOTH.   Fluoresecent colours ‘glow’ in the day time (good in fog and mist!), light colours can be seen by cars in well lit areas,  but you’ll need reflective markers and LEDs at night.
  1. Experiments with visually impaired participants show that contrast is the key; the colour you wear should stand out from the background – hence the popularity of pink, yellow, green and orange  GEEKY BIT …  Greenish yellow and reddish orange sit in the middle of the colour spectrum  and therefore actuate the most eye receptors making them distinct and easier to spot.   Good choice!
  2. You NEED lights and the range is HUGE  from head torches to clip on LEDs, snap bands and jackets and hats with built in LEDs.   

All the local running shops stock a full range of high viz jackets, tops, lights and the technology is consistently changing – if you call in and mention us Alton Sports will give you 10% discount OR take in the voucher (on your phone is fine!) and they will do a deal where you buy a pair of shoes and get £60 off any other kit – in this case LIGHTS and HIGH VIZ.


Are you looking for a GOAL race for the winter months then here are a few ideas …

The MAVERICK race series is a FANTASTIC series of races which we have supported over the past few years.   There’s a combination of distances to choose from (generally c8-24k) and this year the DARK series gives you the chance to run the trails in the dark (starts late afternoon!).   If you want a well organised race with great support and a really buzzing vibe in beautiful surroundings then look no further.

The races that we will be going to from New Energy Fitness are …

  1. Saturday November 24th:   The Maverick Dark Series, Hampshire (Queen Elizabeth Country Park) – click HERE to enter and for more details.
  2. Saturday January 12th:  The Maverick Original Series (morning start) , New Forest (Christchurch) click HERE to enter and for more details.
  3. Saturday February 9th:  The Maverick Dark Series (HENLEY) – click HERE to enter and for more details.
  4. Saturday March 9th:  The Maverick Original Series (morning start), Hampshire (Liphook) click HERE to enter and for more details.

Memories from last year’s Maverick Sussex!!


If you want to find out more about our running club or any questions about running in general, contact our running coach Clare on or ring reception  at New Energy Fitness on 01962 435064


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