BIOMECHANICS at New Energy Fitness


Biomechanics Assessments at New Energy Fitness

With all the amazing new options for training at New Energy Fitness, there is a massive variety of exercises and activities to do that quite possibly are very different to anything you have done in a while.   It is really important to make sure that you are aligned correctly to avoid injury and give your best performance in order to get the absolute most out of these great opportunities.


Why New Energy Fitness?

We are one of the only centres in Winchester to be able to offer Biomechanics Coaching and Biomechanics Assessments with Emma Westmacott. 

Biomechanics is the study of the structure and function of the mechanical aspects of biological systems

What’s it all about?

So in brief, a technical and detailed way to look at your functional movement, what stops you reaching your potential and what could possibly become an injury to hold you back.   This slots in between physiotherapy and personal training.  When something is not so bad that you need physio but certain exercises seem to aggravate,  then it is time to map your body out and see what is affecting what.  When training gets tough and the frequency quickens, technique will often fall by the wayside.  

Emma bike

Over the years we compensate and create weaknesses that can become problematic if left too long.  These can develop into issues and aggravations creating a general poor posture and weak core.  An assessment maps out your body and suggests a good approach, utilizing and often feeding to the other specialist services at New Energy to get the best results.  Exercise alone is not always the answer, mobilisation, massage, stretching and corrective exercises are combined under one roof.  But the journey starts with education as to what could, and may, be holding you back.  

What can we do for you?

One of the strengths of our team at New Energy is that we all work together to give you the best results.  The Biomechanic’s assessment is a great place to start – Let Emma take a look at your body from tip to toe – and give you feed back.

She will then design a corrective exercise program after the assessment and show you how to integrate the exercises into day to day activities and actions and so helping the body to change habits quickly.  She will recommend relevant services and acts like a conduit to steer you down the best path to success.  This will help you to have a better awareness and be able to work with your classes or PT in a much more productive way.

Assessments can be booked through reception or directly through Emma on  (Phone 07748560077) or contact us through Reception on or phone 01962 435064


Emma Westmacott, is our qualified Biomechanics Coach, training in 2013, and has worked from New Energy from the start, choosing Winchester as a great central location.  She comes from a professional sport background and qualified as a personal trainer in the 90’s (working with programming, scheduling, strength and endurance).  

Since then has continued her education to offer a complete and well rounded approach:  aside from being a qualified PT and Biomechanics Coach she has the following qualifications to her name:  Pilates and Gravity trainer, Master practitioner NLP and Hypnotherapy and Time line Therapy,  Life-coaching and Goal setting.  She is very hands on and happy to help anyone with a huge array of clients.      

You can find out more about Emma through her website


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