Early YOGA is good for you

Are you one of those people that thought that early mornings were not for you?   The benefits of early morning YOGA are HUGE so why not switch up your routines and try our before work Yoga sessions at New Energy Yoga.   Read on to find out the WHY!       Why Early... Continue Reading →

Meet Laura, the Runner!

Laura Hume our New Energy Fitness Sports Massage guru tells of her journey from non-runner to runner over the course of a year. First set your goal ... Having not done much running since my 20s I decided in the summer of 2017 that I wanted to learn how to run ... Properly. Learn the skills... Continue Reading →

Acupuncture at New Energy

What you always always wanted to know, but didn’t dare to ask! Here's Sharon, our Acupuncture expert to tell you more ... Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about Yin, Yang, and Qi.  Yin is cold, Yang is hot and both need to be equally balanced in the body, as they contribute towards the flow... Continue Reading →

WOW #2

The "WOW" is the "workout of the week." and here is WOW #2 designed by our Senior Trainer Rocky Penny   This is part of a complete program designed by US to improve YOUR strength and conditioning and can be done in our Outdoor Studio during the Free Zone sessions. There are three levels of challenge... Continue Reading →

BIOMECHANICS at New Energy Fitness

Biomechanics Assessments at New Energy Fitness With all the amazing new options for training at New Energy Fitness, there is a massive variety of exercises and activities to do that quite possibly are very different to anything you have done in a while.   It is really important to make sure that you are aligned correctly... Continue Reading →

Running into Autumn

Calling all RUNNERS … this is the time of year when you need to bring your lights and high viz to Running Club on Thursday evenings! If you’re not sure where to start and although the concept of high visibility running clothing may be blindingly obvious … here are a few pointers … and a... Continue Reading →

WOW #1 & our Outdoor Studio

OUTDOOR STUDIO Timetable and our first Workout of the Week         Welcome to our Workout of the Week #1 which is designed for YOU to challenge yourself in our Outdoor Studio in the FREE ZONE times.   All the equipment you need will be there so choose your level of challenge and give... Continue Reading →

YOGA for Runners

In Runner’s World magazine Diana Sotos talks about the benefits of Yoga for runners and, as more and more runners are turning to Yoga as part of their training routine, I thought worth looking at the points she has to make … taking up yoga meant that she dropped her 5k time from 20:16 to 17:11... Continue Reading →


I’m a great fan of Kate Percy and her Go Faster Food cookbook.   She does a Friday mailing and her recipes are always well balanced, loaded with energy boosting goodness and straightforward to make. Why not have a go at these delicious chia seed energy balls.  They are packed with essential minerals, carbs, protein, plus... Continue Reading →

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